Terrarium soil mix - 750 gms

Terrarium soil mix - 750 gms

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Composition: Living soil (30%) , coco peat (30%), leaf mould (20%), cow manure (20%).


  • This product is an ideal potting mixture for Open or Closed terrariums, Bottle garden, and Dish garden. 

  • Add this packet of terrarium soil mix on the top of the layer of sphagnum moss in terrarium making.

  • Grow the miniature, ornamental, shade loving, foliage plant varieties eg. Syngonium, Fern, Fittonia, Cryptanthus, Peperomia etc.

  • Tip: To grow cacti or succulents, add equal amounts of sand in this mixture.

Net weight: 750gm

Storage: Keep in cool and dry place 

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