Kokedama soil mix -750 gms

Kokedama soil mix -750 gms

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  • Pick a plant of your choice & remove it from the nursery bag/pot by its roots.

  • Put the Kokedama mix in a tray & add some water to it. Use your hands to roll it into a thick, firm soil ball.

  • Break this ball in half. Sandwich your plant's roots around the ball of soil. Then, pat the ball together again so it's firmly secured around the roots.

  • With the help of thread, wrap the wet sphagnum moss around this soil ball several times until the ball and the roots are covered completely.

  • Your Kokedama is now ready. You can further decorate it with ornamental thread.


Suitable Kokedama plants: Syngonium, Spider plant, Peace lily, Ferns, Aglaonemas, Money Plant, Asparagus, Ribbon grass, Pandanus and similar indoor ornamental plants.

Composition: Garden soil: Cocopeat: Ghanamrut manure (2:1:1)

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Net Weight: 750 gm

(*Suitable for 1 regular OR 2 small sized Kokedamas.)

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