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Microgreens Soil mix - 750 gms

Microgreens Soil mix - 750 gms

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     This product is an ideal sowing and growing medium for all types of microgreen veggies and wheatgrass.

     Pick any shallow container with drainage holes and fill the container with this packet of microgreen soil mix.

     Sow the seeds of your favourite microgreen vegetables by sprinkling seeds evenly over the surface of the soil mix.

     Cover the seeds with a fine layer of more soil mix, water the seeds with a gentle shower and keep the container in a sunny spot.

     Your microgreens should be ready for harvesting within 8-10 days.

     Repeat the process for the next batch of greens in the same soil mix.

     Suitable microgreen vegetables: Mustard, Fenugreek, Red/green Amaranth, Spinach and other leafies.

Composition: Coco peat : Ghanamrut - 2:1

Net weight: 750gm

Storage: Keep in cool and dry place

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