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Kokedama soil mix - 750 gms

Kokedama soil mix - 750 gms

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     Pick a plant of your choice & remove it from the nursery bag/pot by its roots.

     Put the Kokedama mix in a tray & add some water to it. Use your hands to roll it into a thick, firm soil ball.

     Break this ball in half. Sandwich your plant's roots around the ball of soil. Then, pat the ball together again so it's firmly secured around the roots.

     With the help of thread, wrap the wet sphagnum moss around this soil ball several times until the ball and the roots are covered completely.

     Your Kokedama is now ready. You can further decorate it with ornamental thread.

Suitable Kokedama plants: Syngonium, Spider plant, Peace lily, Ferns, Aglaonemas, Money Plant, Asparagus, Ribbon grass, Pandanus and similar indoor ornamental plants.

Composition: Garden soil: Cocopeat: Ghanamrut manure (2:1:1)

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Net Weight: 750 gm

(*Suitable for 1 regular OR 2 small sized Kokedamas.)

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